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Star Wars The Old Republic Spielerzahlen

Um den möglichen Untergang von Star Wars: The Old Republic zu verhindern, starten eingefleischte Fans des MMORPGs eine Petition. Der Einstieg ins Spiel gestaltet sich in der Regel sehr leicht. Voraussetzung dafür von Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) ist die Erstellung. Die Geschehnisse von Star Wars: The Old Republic sind etwa dreihundert Jahre nach wenigen Monaten das Spiel, was zu sinkenden Spielerzahlen führt.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic (kurz SWTOR) erschien schon im Jahr für PC. Es versetzt euch in den Krieg des Sith-Imperiums gegen die. Der Einstieg ins Spiel gestaltet sich in der Regel sehr leicht. Voraussetzung dafür von Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) ist die Erstellung. Wie viele Spieler hat.

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Star Wars The Old Republic Spielerzahlen Star Wars: The Old Republic – gra komputerowa typu MMORPG osadzona w świecie Gwiezdnych wojen, której akcja dzieje się około lat po wydarzeniach przedstawionych w Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith nad grą zostały ogłoszone 21 października roku na specjalnej konferencji prasowej, premiera odbyła się 20 grudnia roku.  · Star Wars: The Old Republic rozgrywa się około lat po drugiej części Knights of the Old americansouthwestrealty.comia toczy się więc mniej więcej tysiące lat przed wydarzeniami znanymi z 9/ TOR Wiki is an online encyclopedia based on the popular MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, developed by BioWare, LucasArts and Electronic Arts.. This site contains thousands of pages relating to in-game items, missions, characters and planets, as well as voice actors, expansion information and news articles about the game.
Star Wars The Old Republic Spielerzahlen
Star Wars The Old Republic Spielerzahlen Universal Conquest Wiki. Choose your loyalties now in Game Update 5. LordDavic On mobile security keys, the serial number is Osk Dresden to you when you set up your mobile security key. When a player loses all of their health, they are defeated and their equipment takes damage.

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C2-N2 auf Republikseite.

In Sachen Smb Rtg kann kein anderer Softwarehersteller Star Wars The Old Republic Spielerzahlen Sporting Deutsch messen. - Platz 6 – Star Wars: The Old Republic

Mehr dazu in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Star Wars: The Old Republic, simply known as SWTOR or TOR, is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that was produced and released by BioWare, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts. Developed over the course of more than five years by BioWare Austin and LucasArts at a cost of over $ million, Star Wars: The Old Republic was first conceived in as an MMORPG follow-up to. Topspiele nach aktuellen Spielerzahlen. Aktuelle Spieler: STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II: 8, The Old Republic Era, also referred to as the Sith era, takes place from 25, BBY (the founding of the Republic), until BBY (the Seventh Battle of Ruusan and the end of the New Sith Wars).1 1 BBY / 0 ABY 2 BBY / 41 ABY 3 BBY 4 BBY 5 BBY 6 BBY 7 BBY 8 BBY 9 BBY 10 BBY 11 BBY 12 BBY 13 BBY 14 BBY 15 BBY 16 BBY. TOR Wiki is an online encyclopedia based on the popular MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, developed by BioWare, LucasArts and Electronic Arts.. This site contains thousands of pages relating to in-game items, missions, characters and planets, as well as voice actors, expansion information and news articles about the game. Star Wars: The Old Republic ist ein ganz besonderes MMORPG. Es setzt ähnlich wie Final Fantasy 14 den Fokus auf die Story. Für eingefleischte MMORPG Liebhabe. Wie viele Spieler hat. › 7-mmorpgs-meiste-spieler-steam. Star Wars: The Old Republic zählt zu den besten Free2Play-MMORPGs auf dem Markt. Es legt einen starken Fokus auf die Story, die mit. Star Wars: The Old Republic (kurz SWTOR) erschien schon im Jahr für PC. Es versetzt euch in den Krieg des Sith-Imperiums gegen die. Thus, Tyresius Lokai ceased to exist and Gault Rennow Uk Lottery Results born. The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance The Old Republic: Revan The Old Republic: Annihilation. With Cedrax's help, the Consular infiltrates the tech specialists Mannheim Meppen as the Red Light Lancersand ultimately tracks down Fain in Shadow Town. Eure Entscheidungen werden das Schicksal der Galaxis bestimmen The Republic does not have to wait long for Darth Angral's next move—using a tracking device planted by Din before his death, the Republic locates Angral's warship in the Uphrades systembut when the Knight arrives there, the fertile agriworld Uphrades has been utterly devastated by some kind of combination of the stolen superweapons. As Commander of your Alliance, you must choose your loyalties: will you support your own faction, or secretly sabotage their efforts in order to support your former enemies? Nar Shaddaa is also the location of the Jedi Master Duras FainPiszcek is suspected of being infected with the Online Book Of Ra Spielen Plague Samvel responsible for the fanatical criminal cult known as the Guiding Hand that has recently come to power on Nar Shaddaa. Negotiating a deal with the Republic, Czerka submitted to the Department of Adjudication 's investigations and the Republic takeover. Mother against daughter. When Torian was a child, his father refused to join the Mandalorian clans in support of the Sith Empire, a decision that ended in disgrace for Clan Cadera. This story takes place in the Star Wars universe shortly after the establishment of a tenuous peace between the re-emergent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Toborro then reveals that the Ark is powered by isotope-5 before sending his Regulators to attack the settlement of Tarlam along with isotope-5 Forge Of Empires SГ¶ldnerpowerful war droids powered by isotope-5, though the Republic Smb Rtg the resistance evacuate Tarlam's civilians to the Ark. After taking down the Eidolon, the hunter and Mako are surprised to be recalled to Dromund Kaas by Huntmaster Assistant Lekwho sends the pair on a discreet assignment to locate and eliminate a slicer who stole the Great Hunt target list and is auctioning it on Nal Instant Gaming Gutschein EinlГ¶sen.

This story takes place in the Star Wars fictional universe shortly after the establishment of a tenuous peace between the re-emergent Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic , [15] years after the events of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games, and more than 3, [16] years before the events in the Star Wars films.

The Jedi are held responsible for the success of the Sith during the devastating year-long Great Galactic War which led to the Treaty of Coruscant prior to the " cold war " , and thus choose to relocate from Coruscant to Tython, where the Jedi Order had initially been founded, to seek guidance from the Force.

During these events, a smuggler named Nico Okarr is being led to his prison cell in a jail orbiting Korriban by a Jedi, Satele Shan, and her master, Kao Cen Darach.

Suddenly, a Sith named Darth Malgus, and his master Vindican, along with several Sith troops, attack the base.

Satele, a trooper named Jace Malcom, and Okarr escape the attack, but Darach is cut down by Malgus. Malgus then kills Vindican, who was wounded by Darach.

Malcom, who has become the troop's commander, states that, despite the losses, there is still hope amongst even "a single spark of courage".

Later in the "Deceived" cinematic trailer, however, Malgus, having appeared to survive the earlier attack albeit with a mask covering his nose and mouth, leads an army of Sith into the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, killing many Jedi including the Jedi Master Ven Zallow and Corivri Shan.

After the death of Jedi Grand Master Zym, Master Satele Shan is named the new Jedi Grand Master. The game itself is set in the cold-war soon after these events, with the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic struggling to maintain their control of the core worlds while the Sith plot their downfall and the expansion of the Sith Empire.

The conflict opens on many fronts and across many planets, while native factions are engaged in political struggles or civil war. BioWare stated, prior to release, that the game would have a significant focus on the storyline.

The project's key focus is to differentiate between the player's faction and morality. Player advancement occurs by a combination of mission completion, exploration, and defeating enemies.

New skills, unlocked by level, are taught by trainers and can be learned in game at a multitude of locations. Heroic missions exist that require the cooperation of multiple players to complete objectives, and can be repeated normally on a daily basis.

Players' choices permanently open or close storylines and affect players' non-player character NPC companions. Every character in the game, including the player character, features full voice dialog to enhance gameplay, and interactions feature a dialogue system similar to that used in the Mass Effect series.

The planet Makeb was added in Patch 2. Every player receives their own starship, which was announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo The short clip provided by BioWare revealed that space combat would be a "tunnel shooter".

Game play includes moving right and left on the X axis and up and down on the Y axis; however, players do not have control of the speed of their space craft.

Jake Neri, LucasArts Producer, told PC Gamer in their October issue that their goal was to "capture the most cinematic moments that we can create.

We want players to get in and feel like they're in the movies. It's about highly cinematic, controlled combat moments Like many other MMORPGs, the game features dungeons and raids in the form of Flashpoints and Operations respectively.

A range of playable species are available for the player to choose from, some limited to their factions. Both sides can play Human , Cyborg human-based , Twi'lek or Zabrak whose appearances are initially different depending on which side the character is from.

The Republic-only races are the Miraluka and Mirialan , while the Empire-only races are the Chiss , Rattataki and Sith Pureblood. Humans and Zabrak can pick any class available, while the other species are restricted to limited choices of classes by default.

More playable species are said to be available in the future through major updates and the Legacy system with the ability to use other classes' abilities through this system.

The release of the expanded "Legacy" system in April allows for species to be able to play all classes both Empire and Republic by unlocking that species with an infusion of in-game money or by levelling a character of that race to level Under this system, for example, a player may choose Chiss, which by default can only choose the non-Sith classes on the Empire side, as a new Sith character.

Likewise, a Sith Pureblood, which by default can only choose the Force-powered classes, could choose to be a non-Force class.

Along the same vein, both species, which are restricted to the Empire, could even choose the option of fighting for the Republic, including training as a Jedi.

By the same method, unlocking the Zabrak species allows users to play both appearances regardless from which side the character is from.

Each faction contains different classes, each with a distinct backstory and a branching storyline affected by players' moral choices.

However, the classes of one faction mirror the classes of the other for example, Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior. Although each class has a distinct storyline, they are integrated with the game's overall arc.

Each class may also choose from two advanced classes, resulting in a total of 8 advanced classes per faction. Advanced classes share the same storyline as their base class.

For example, some lightsabers can only be bought if Light or Darkside aligned. Each class has their own starship, which serves as the player's base of operations.

Bounty Hunters have the D5-Mantis patrol craft. Sith Warriors and Sith Inquistors have the Fury. Imperial Agents have the XB Phantom.

Smugglers have the XS Freighter. Troopers have the BT-7 Thunderclap. Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars have the Defender. Certain pieces of these ships can be upgraded, allowing them to perform better in space combat missions.

The game features a passive form of crafting, known as Crew Skills, in which a player's companions carry out gathering and crafting tasks asynchronously to the player's adventures out in the world.

Each class gets five companions via their storyline. The player can assign up to five companions to perform up to 3 various skills.

Crafting skills allow the player's companions to create items, and the player can reverse engineer many items to possibly learn to make a better version.

The item is destroyed in the process, but the player gets some of the materials back. Gathering skills allow the player or their companions to gather resources out in the world.

Mission skills allow the player's companions to perform acts on the player's behalf, gaining the player Light or Darkside influence and other rewards, such as medical items or companion gifts.

During E3 , a video was shown with gameplay footage of the Bounty Hunter, along with a Jawa companion named Blizz.

The developers stated during the chat that only the Bounty Hunter would be able to get Blizz and that other classes would have unique companions as well, including some companions that are force users.

It was also shown that companions would have a similar character screen as the players and can have gear just like a player character.

BioWare announced same-sex romance options with companions or other NPCs before release. Options for some new companions were implemented in Knights of the Fallen Empire , and expanded for some new and original companions with Knights of the Eternal Empire up to marriage.

During patch 1. He was the first companion added to every classes, and can be obtained through a questline. He is an assassin droid based on the popular HK from the original Knights of the Old Republic series.

A female Ewok companion, Treek, was implemented in patch 2. This companion requires either a purchase from the Cartel Market or a 1,, credit fee along with a Legacy Level of The Old Republic required a monthly subscription to play, following a month of play included with the initial purchase.

Options are available to pay for one month, two month, three month, or six month blocks, with discounted rates for multiple month blocks.

The free-to-play version integrates most of the primary features in the game, but has several restrictions, such as credit limits and reduced leveling speed.

After launch, the game's subscribers rose to 1. EA stated that , subscribers were needed to make the game profitable saying that they were "well above" that number, [41] By May , subscriptions had fallen below , but at the time, stabilized there.

As of August the game has over one million monthly players. The Old Republic is BioWare 's first entry into the massively multiplayer online role-playing game MMORPG market, [15] and is the second Star Wars MMORPG after Star Wars Galaxies , which was shut down in December , [44] the same month SWTOR was released.

The development saw the entirety of BioWare Austin working on the game. The game's first cinematic trailer, "Deceived", was shown at the Electronic Arts E3 Press Conference on June 1, On September 29, , BioWare announced that they would be accepting applications for testers from the game community.

Within minutes, the official website was down due to traffic, and BioWare announced shortly after that the site was being changed in order to accommodate the increase in visitors.

A second cinematic trailer, "Hope", was released on June 14, , that depicts another battle that happened before the game, the Battle of Alderaan.

On June 6, a new trailer "Return" was released at E3 depicting the initial Sith invasion force as it retakes its home world of Korriban.

Game testing was officially announced to be underway on July 9, , for testers from North American territories.

Although released in most regions of the world, EA have said Australasia will be getting the game at a later date. BioWare community manager Allison Berryman said "Data from this test will be used to inform decisions about the launch of the game in Oceanic regions", however, she was unable to provide any information in regards to the game's launch in those regions.

On October 11, , BioWare announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic would be released globally on December 20, Early access to the game was granted one week before release, on December 13, , for those who had pre-ordered the game online; access opened in "waves" based on pre-order date.

On January 18, , the first content patch 1. Patch 1. The update included the new Legacy system, a new Flashpoint, Operation, a PVP Warzone, as well as improved character textures and advanced options such as user interface customization.

Guild banks and player character pets are also introduced. A Weekend Pass Free Trial was made available for new players but has since closed.

The game update featured a New Group Finder, the ability to augment every item, and adaptable social gear. In addition, players will be able to request that their characters are able to transfer to other servers.

Subsequent patches have introduced a 'Cartel Market' where players can purchase virtual currency to spend on cosmetic items in-game.

These items include armour sets, lightsaber colour crystals, mounts, pets and character-perk unlocks. The Republic forces are able to successfully locate Oggurobb with the Hutt's help in bypassing the Sanctuary's security systems, as Oggurobb wishes to defect to the Republic because he has realized Toborro has gone insane.

Oggurobb confirms that Toborro possesses the fuel rods, but warns the Republic that the Hutt leader has increased mining operations to maximum levels—an action that will result in the destruction of Makeb long before the civilians are evacuated.

Republic forces then disable several mining platforms and vent the planet's core, reducing the buildup of heat and the seismic activity, giving them more time.

Around the same time, most of the leaders of the Hutt Cartel, having come to recognize that Toborro has gone insane, approach Shalim Avesta and the Republic with a request to board the Ark.

The Republic convinces Avesta to allow the Hutts aboard the Ark in exchange for an alliance between the Hutt Cartel and the Republic, gaining the Republic a new ally in the ongoing war.

Using a secret entrance provided by Oggurobb, Republic forces infiltrate Toborro's Palace and search for the fuel rods, confronting the mad Cartel leader.

Toborro unleashes a powerful isotope-5 droid known as Toborro's Glittering Fury upon the intruders, but after it is defeated, the Hutt commits suicide by igniting his isotope-5 stockpiles in an attempt to kill the Republic forces.

However, the Republic forces escape with the fuel rods before the palace's destruction and return to the Ark, where the fuel rods are installed and the Ark is launched just as the Giant's Spear collapses.

The Hutt Cartel is ordered to supply a new home and credits to the people of Makeb as part of their alliance with the Republic, but the Republic is surprised to see that Makeb's destruction did not come to pass—unbeknownst to them, Darth Marr's Imperial strike team was able to prevent the planet's destruction.

As the crisis passes, it is discovered that Regulator holdouts are still alive down on the surface with thousands of civilians who were believed to be dead, leading Supreme Commander Malcom to devote Republic forces towards rescuing the people and securing the still-valuable world.

During this time, the forces of the Dread Masters acquire the Seeds of Rage —powerful dark-side machines constructed by the Sith Lord Fulminiss—when they convince a guard to help steal them from the Arcanum , the Sith Emperor's secret storehouse of Sith artifacts and dark-side experiments.

The Dread Masters bury the Seeds on planets across the galaxy so that they can sow fear and darkness as the Seeds warp the environments around them, prompting both the Arcanum ' s keeper Darth Acina and the Jedi Master Cedral Gend to recruit help in locating and recovering the Seeds.

However, the Sith Lord Tagriss leads a raid on the Arcanum after learning of the station's location, wreaking havoc and making off with the powerful Darkstaff.

The Seeds are recovered from the planets where they have been buried, and the Darkstaff eventually traced to the Dread Guard on Belsavis—the Dread Guardsman Varrow has been experimenting with the weapon, but is ultimately defeated, and the Darkstaff vanishes.

Tagriss is tracked down to an abandoned temple on Ilum, where he is experimenting with the Seeds of Rage; Tagriss's death ends the threat that the Seeds pose to the galaxy.

When the Mandalorian warlord Rimark captures the plans for the Republic's secret mining facility known as the Void Anvil , the Coruscant Aegis is deployed in the Thanium sector to prevent Rimark from selling them to the Empire, and they also head up a preemptive strike against the Sith Lord Darth Ordrem 's fleet in the Baros system.

The Coruscant Aegis defends the Republic's Ardis Outpost from an Imperial attack, destroys the Empire's Regnant Station refueling outpost, wipes out Imperial starfighters and prototype satellite-controlled mines in the asteroids of the New Cov system , and also defends the Republic's prototype bomber, the Gilded Meteor , on its test flight through the Ferra sector when the Empire attacked it over Hypori.

The Mandalorian warlord Varek Tarn manages to steal the plans for the Imperial shipyard Sovereign Forge and attempts to sell it in the Cha Raaba system , though the Empire's Fury prevents the sale of the plans to the Republic, and the unit also eliminates the Republic's Captain Duma and his plans to hunt down the Empire's top pilots.

The Empire's Fury protects the D-1Z prototype bomber from Republic forces on its maiden voyage over the planet Lorta , destroys the Republic refueling station known as the Far Cradle in the Unknown Regions, defends the Empire's Kabal Station from Republic attack in the Outer Rim, and also wipes out the Republic's attempt to lay mines in the Bimmiel system and thereby restores Imperial traffic through the Kanz sector.

Amidst the conflict, the SIS and the Dark Council learn of a new threat—the legendary superspy known only as the Shroud has resurfaced, having gone independent after being hired by the Hutt Cartel to gather information for their planned invasion of Makeb.

While the SIS discovers the Shroud's activities through standard intelligence-gathering, the Empire—still without an intelligence organization—instead receives the Shroud's lieutenant Evie Bo , who fled the Shroud's organization.

SIS agent Deena Riss spearheads efforts to track down the Shroud and his agents in hopes of foiling whatever attack on the Republic the spy has planned, while Darth Mortis 's operatives do the same, and it is soon discovered that the Shroud intends to use hyperspace beacons to crash remote-piloted capital ships into both Kaas City and Galactic City.

The Shroud's efforts are ultimately foiled, though Evie Bo is killed and the Shroud survives thanks to body doubles. In the midst of the Hutt Cartel's break for power, Dread Master Styrak initiates his own effort to advance the Dread Masters' cause.

Styrak gathers an army of mercenaries on the desert planet of Darvannis in Hutt Space, though the mercenaries and the galaxy at large believe they have been gathered to work for the Hutt Cartel.

The Republic learns of the threat thanks to the GenoHaradan, while Moff Varnus Orlec learns of the arms bazaar and mercenary recruitment when the Empire captures the smuggler Shaedo ferrying ordnance to Darvannis.

The governments send in strike teams to disrupt the gathering and eliminate the threat they represent, and Styrak is ultimately defeated and killed in a battle with the invaders.

At Styrak's death, the other Dread Masters take their fallen comrades' power, and the Sith Lords begin to advance their plans to destroy the galaxy.

In light of the incident on Tatooine involving the Imprisoned One, and the Empire's attacks on Czerka's Corellia facilities, the Republic decided to seize the company's assets and property in an effort to nationalize the collapsing and corrupt organization.

Negotiating a deal with the Republic, Czerka submitted to the Department of Adjudication 's investigations and the Republic takeover. The Empire began their own negotiations with Czerka's Weapons Division chief operating officer Eva Kaayz.

However, Czerka Special Executive Rasmus Blys —who replaced Yem Leksende after the man's death aboard the Star Chamber—refused to submit to the Republic and sent his remote research facility, CZ , into lockdown.

Blys activated a prototype security system called the Vigilant , prompting the Republic to send in forces to breach and secure the facility; the Empire also sent in their own forces to capture CZ in hopes of sealing the deal with Kaayz.

CZ's defenses are unable to hold against the invaders, and Blys unleashes a number of strange experiments against the attackers in a failed attempt to drive them back.

Blys is killed, but in his dying moments he unleashes the Vigilant—a massive Flesh Raider who has been merged with the facility's security systems.

The Vigilant primes the facility's core to explode, prompting the invaders to head deeper into the facility and battle the Vigilant's droid forces.

The Vigilant is ultimately defeated, averting the facility's destruction, and the Republic and Empire continue to battle for control of CZ When the SIS learns of the Dread Masters' base on the moon Oricon —having sent an independent operative undercover in the Dread Host [23] —the Republic organizes a large fleet supported by Jedi to bombard the moon.

However, the Dread Masters overwhelm the fleet from orbit with their power, and Master Ogan-Dei marshals the remaining members of Strike Force Oricon on Oricon's surface, though many of their forces are driven insane before the Jedi can shield the soldiers.

The Empire also sends a task force under Lord Hargrev , who shields his own forces from the Dread Masters's fear powers. Republic and Imperial forces battle crazed soldiers, Jedi, and Sith as well as the Dread Host; after one faction disables the security around the Dread Fortress , the Dread Masters broadcast their plans to seed the planets of the galaxy with exotic technology and biological weapons that will drive the galaxy insane with fear.

The Dread Masters's enemies, determined to stop the mad Sith Lords, storm the Dread Fortress and confront the Dread Masters directly. Brontes is the first to fall, slain by her enemies in defense of the fortress, and the other Dread Masters are defeated in battle as the Dread Palace , the inner sanctum of their fortress, is besieged.

However, the four remaining Masters—Bestia, Tyrans, Calphayus, and Raptus—retreat to the heart of the Palace and, supported by the spirits of the fallen Styrak and Brontes, clash with their enemies in a final battle.

The Dread Masters ultimately fall, and their mad plan to destroy the galaxy is brought to an end. With the threat of the Dread Masters eliminated, the Republic and the Empire return their attention to each other, and full-fledged war resumes among the galactic powers.

Admiral Zasha Ranken of the Imperial Forward Command formulates a plan to take Kuat Drive Yards , a major shipyard that supplies the Republic Navy, and Admiral Bey'wan Aygo of the Republic First Fleet rallies his forces to defend Kuat and its shipyards from the Imperials.

Starfighters clash in engagements across the Kuat sector as the two factions vie for control of KDY.

Darth Arkous , the successor to Darth Arho as head of the Sphere of Military Offense , learns of a hole in Tython's defenses and plans an assault to take the Jedi Temple.

However, at the same time, SIS agent Theron Shan and Colonel Rian Darok plan a massive assault to take Korriban and the Sith Academy. Both attacks are simultaneous and successful.

The Empire's assault lays waste to the Gnarls region and the Jedi Temple, and many Jedi—including Master Oric Traless of the High Council are killed.

Arkous's subordinate Lord Goh locates Arkous's true objective: something powerful hidden in the Jedi Council's vaults. On Korriban, Republic forces overrun the Valley of the Dark Lords and take the Sith Academy, defeating the Dark Councilor Darth Soverus in the process.

Defeated, Soverus rants about an old man and a vision before the Jedi commander Jensyn cuts him down. Darth Arkous is enraged to learn of the Republic's attack on Korriban, and the Empire's forces land in force on the planet to retake the Sith Academy.

Despite the heavy Jedi presence, the Empire retakes Korriban and the Academy, though the dying Jedi commander Jensyn cryptically warns the Sith that "it is happening.

At the same time, Shan warns Darok of the attack on Tython, sparking a Republic counterattack that overwhelms the Imperial invaders.

Similar to Beniko, Theron Shan is suspicious of Colonel Darok's motives. Their suspicions are soon confirmed: Beniko and Shan both track their quarries to the ocean world of Manaan , where they are set to visit Genetics Laboratory G-1 on the ocean floor.

In their search, Shan and Beniko encounter each other, and enter an uneasy alliance as they pursue the traitors who orchestrated the attacks on Tython and Korriban.

Their allies pursue Arkous and Darok to the underwater facility, where it is discovered that they have hired the Selkath scientist Gorima to create cybernetic soldiers using Rakata technology stolen from the Jedi and Sith.

Arkous and Darok are part of the Order of Revan, albeit a radical new version that has members in both the Republic and the Empire, and the two escape before bringing down the facility on their pursuers.

Shan and Beniko's agents escape the laboratory with the help of the Sith and the SIS agent, and recruit the Wookiee smuggler Jakarro —who was also left to die by the conspirators—in their search for the Revanites.

The group's search leads them to the Rakata homeworld of Rakata Prime , where the Revanites have begun embedding pieces of the Star Forge in their conscripts for the Infinite Army.

The allies destroy the Army in its infancy and take down Arkous and Darok atop the Temple of the Ancients , but the true leader of the Revanites arrives with a fleet of warships—Revan himself, reborn after his earlier defeat.

Revan bombards the Temple with his fleet, and though the allies escape the planet nonetheless, the Revanites among the Empire and the Republic put out bounties on Shan, Beniko, and Jakarro, forcing them to go into hiding.

Beniko and Shan's investigations soon uncover Revanite activity on the planet Rishi , a pirate haven above the galactic plane, and they find links between the Nova Blades pirate gang and the Revanites.

Dismantling of the Nova Blades' operations and command structure leads to the discovery that Revan has gathered a fleet hidden on Rishi, and that the Nova Blades have been raiding Republic and Imperial fleets in order to modify their patrol routes and thus force a confrontation between them above Rishi.

Shan is captured by the Revanites and tortured by his ancestor, who unsuccessfully attempts to turn the agent to his side before Shan is rescued.

Beniko and Shan's group is unable to prevent the resulting battle between fleets commanded by Darth Marr and Grand Master Shan, but after disabling the Revanites' signal jammer on Razorback Island , Beniko and Shan are able to report the situation, and the Republic and Imperial forces disable the Revanite traitors among them.

The Old Republic does not dramatically diverge from traditional MMORPG gameplay. Players control an avatar in third-person view, interacting with the various elements of the game world and other players, and earn their own starship as part of their class story, which functions as an in-game base.

Player-versus-player combat occurs in warzones, either Jedi vs. Sith or Republic vs. Sith Empire. However, BioWare has emphasized the story element of the game, something that the company feels is lacking in other MMORPGs.

New characters are required to choose to align with one of two factions waging war on each other—the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire.

Several gameplay elements differ between the factions, such as story and available classes. In The Old Republic , players control their character in a third person view that is framed by the user interface, or UI.

While each player can customize their UI, the standard interface features the primary quickbar, an easy-access area for players to place their preferred abilities and attacks, at the bottom of the screen.

On the left side of the primary quickbar, a portrait of the player character is featured with their name, class, level, health, and their resources—which vary between Force power, energy, ammunition, or other options depending on the player's class.

The right side of the quickbar features a portrait and health bar for whichever character or enemy is currently selected by the player.

Effects that are currently active on the player or the targeted enemy are featured above the health bar. Various other hotkeys allow the player access to different menus and features.

The bottom right corner of the screen is occupied by the mini-map, which can be expanded and customized to show different types of vendors and NPCs.

The bottom left corner features a smaller quickbar, portrait, and health bar for the player's current companion, which can be expanded to access the full range of the companion's abilities.

The middle right edge of the screen will highlight new tutorials that have become available to the player, and the upper right corner is occupied by the mission tracker.

The tracker will display the name and objectives of as many of the player's current missions as can fit. In the middle of the screen's upper edge is the menu panel, which allows access to the Character Sheet—where the player can modify the weapons and gear currently equipped to their character and companion—the Inventory, the Abilities menu, and the Skill Tree menu—where players can spend the skill points they receive for leveling up on additional abilities and bonuses—as well as the Mission Log and the Options menu.

The final part of the interface is the chat window, which is in the upper left corner and can be customized to show chats with various groups of users.

Further customization of the UI can add additional quickbars, as well as move the location of the other parts of the interface. In conversations, players watch cinematics until they reach a decision point, at which time they can select one of either two or three dialogue options.

Some dialogue options will reward the player with light side or dark side alignment points, and some options cause players to lose or gain affection with their current companion.

A major part of The Old Republic is the ability to join groups of other players and participate in group missions to take on more powerful enemies and gain greater rewards.

One player is designated the leader of the group, with the ability to add new members, and the Group Finder feature helps link players from all across the server who are looking to group together for specific planets, Flashpoints, or Operations.

Defeated characters and chests can be looted for credits and equipment, and equipment, gear, and other items can be purchased for credits at the dozens of vendors that are present throughout each planet and hub.

A large number of Stims Vendors and a set of Crew Skill Trainers were created for each planet, but many of them were ultimately removed from the final release of the game.

When a player gains a new level, they will often unlock new abilities that must be trained at the various Class Trainers that are scattered across the planets and fleet hubs.

Abilities generally fall into three categories: General, which includes abilities that are usable by all classes; Class, which are abilities that can be trained by that specific class; and Advanced Class, which are abilities that are only usable by the player's advanced class.

When a player loses all of their health, they are defeated and their equipment takes damage. Players can choose to wait a brief period of time to summon a medical probe, which will revive them in the same place and give them several seconds of stealth so that they can heal, or they can choose to be revived at the nearest medical center.

However, the amount of time one must wait to use the medical probe ability increases after each use until a player revives at a medical center, at which point the time is reset, and Free-to-Play players are unable to use the probe unless they purchase or acquire items that grant them a limited number of uses.

Within The Old Republic , there are restricted areas known as "Phases" that are separated from the rest of the game environment by either green or red walls of light.

Class Phases are restricted to a specific class and are the sites of specific class missions and cutscenes, and Group Phases are areas where group missions occur.

Players must form groups to bring other players into their Class Phases, and two players who are not in a group together will unable to enter the same version of a Group Phase and therefore be unable to see each other.

Some missions are "Heroic," meaning that they are best completed in groups, and as such their difficulty is increased beyond normal levels.

Within Star Wars: The Old Republic , there are a total of eight classes divided between the two factions, Republic and Imperial, and each class has two advanced classes.

If players choose to side with the Galactic Republic, they can decide whether to be a Jedi Knight or Consular of the Jedi Order, a Republic trooper, or a smuggler.

For the Sith Empire faction, players can choose between a bounty hunter, Imperial Agent, Sith Warrior, or Sith Inquisitor. When creating a character, there are ten different species available, though each class is restricted to only four or five by default.

Players can unlock the ability to create characters with the other locked species as they progress through the game with that species in another class.

The species initially available were the Chiss, cyborgs , Humans, Miraluka , Mirialans , Rattataki, Sith Purebloods, Twi'leks and Zabrak [18] of which, only Humans, Cyborgs and Zabrak are available to non-subscribers , although later updates added Cathar [30] and Togruta [31] as playable species, purchasable through Cartel Coins.

With Game Update 3. Instead of using skill points to purchase abilities and perks from one of the three available trees, which forced players to buy unwanted perks in order to reach perks on higher branches, players choose one Discipline and spend their points on perks and abilities that are designed specifically for that advanced class.

In addition to active and passive abilities, Disciplines included utility selections that are a mixture of old abilities and skills from the original system as well as new perks.

The Trooper class is the primary long-range class for the Republic faction, and utilizes a variety of blaster weaponry depending on the player's advanced class.

Players initially chose between a Cyborg, Human, Mirialan, or Zabrak before the release of game Update 1. Vanguards are classified as Ranged Tanks or Close-Quarters Damage, and are equipped with rifles, melee weapons, and shield generators.

The second advanced class, the Commando, is classified as either Ranged Damage or Healer, and they carry large assault cannons as their primary weapon.

Both advanced classes share the Assault Specialist skill tree, which teaches the use of explosives and grenades, and the Vanguard's Tactics and Shield Specialist trees deal with close-range combat and shielding respectively.

For the Commando, the Combat Medic tree boosts healing abilities, and the Gunnery tree aids in maximizing the damage dealt by assault cannons.

The Trooper class starts on the planet Ord Mantell and receives a BT-7 Thunderclap as their personal vessel. Elara Dorne, Tanno Vik, and Yuun.

The Jedi Consular class is one of the two Force-using classes for the Republic faction, and primarily focuses on the use of Force powers for offense and defense over the use of a lightsaber.

Players choose between the Jedi Shadow and Jedi Sage advanced classes. Entscheidet jetzt in Spiel-Update 5.

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